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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Modest Bridesmaid: Spring 2015

It's almost upon us. Wedding Season. You know it's coming; I know it's coming; we can deny it all we want, but we bridesmaids have to face the imminent horror that is upon us come April. Let's face it-- we all suffer from wedding season, and there are very few things about weddings that are actually fun (after your 40th wedding party), but being asked to be a part of the bridal party is truly something akin to being sawed in half in a 1920's side act magic show. I only speak from experience, people. 

Sure, you're happy for your bride-friend, but life is most certainly not friendly to the bridesmaid; between the planning of the shower, the bachelorette party, paying for a gown, hair, makeup, gifts, more gifts, and even more gifts, being a part of a wedding is simply not fun after your first time. And as if doing all that weren't enough, you also have to find a gown that is modest. Not. So. Easy. 

So to help you cope and take just one thing off your list, I have compiled a new list of modest bridesmaid dresses that are practically ready-to-wear. Mothers-of-the-bride/groom, feel free to peruse this list as well.

Off-the-rack, IMHO, is always the way to go. If you have a bride who is handing you material to have a dress made, I can only express my sympathies. That is a royal pain-in-the-ass. However, if you were given latitude to choose and need a dress, maybe the options below can help you out. Keep in mind that most of the dresses below come only in the color shown, so take that as it is. Also note that some of these may need additional building up (minor in the scheme of things), especially in the backs of some of these dresses. I tried to offer a variety of options, as well as a variety of sleeve lengths to cater to the various modest needs of my readers. Lastly, note that these are only some of the dresses I saw, so feel free to dig further online if none of these cater to your needs. Enjoy and congratulations!

Make sure to click on the links above the dresses to be directed to their purchasing sites.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

#Oscars2015: Best Dressed and Worst Dressed

The ultimate best and worst dressed list of the year is here! God I love this stuff, but I have to say I was BEYOND disappointed at this Oscar's fashion. When I watch the Oscars, I expect Oscar's level dresses, and everything was kind of just ho-hum. There were undoubtedly a few standouts, the few who looked epic and truly glamorous in every sense of the word, and those are my best dressed below. 

But then there were those who make you want to get the flu because the flu just has to be better than looking at those dresses, right? RIGHT? I really don't understand what some of the worst dressed were thinking when they woke up. These are all very famous, high profile women who not only missed the mark, but they literally make me want to get sick with an actual illness, their dresses are that bad.

I suppose you should take a look for yourself and see if you agree. 


Now this is a dress. It's embellished beautifully and is really breathtaking. You know how I generally feel about Julianne Moore in lighter colors, but she looks so gorgeous and she actually pulls this off quite delicately and lovely. Completely statuesque for the shoe-in for the statue tonight.

Another Oscars-perfect look. Head-to-toe glamour, with beautiful makeup and hair, Rosamund had a clear vision for the Oscars and she nailed it better than almost every other lady on the carpet. Winning.

While I feel like we see the same variation of the same dress on Reese every awards, the girl has a formula that clearly works. This is one of the most classic looks on the carpet and she looks flawless. Utterly and completely flawless. When I grow up, I wanna be Reese.

It was a tie for these two women who are the modern versions of getting the Oscars right. These gowns are not necessarily throwbacks to old Hollywood, but they represent everything that is new Hollywood. Both women are perfection.  #GirlCrush

An entire dress made of pearls. AN ENTIRE DRESS MADE OF PEARLS! I want to touch her dress.

Shield thine eyes.


Can you BELIEVE that this hideous blob of material is designed and made by the same designer as Kate Middleton's wedding gown?? This dress is an insult to silk, to pearls, to turtlenecks, to the color grey, and really to humanity, when you think about it. 

This is the most unfortunate thing I have ever seen a human being wear, EVER. This is not a dress; this is the contact paper that your mom used to cover your books on the first day of school in first through fifth grade, only with a completely unnecessary red belt on it. And have you seen that hem? I'm pretty sure that hem has been outlawed since 1997 and it's practically a crime in 32 states last I checked.

Scarlett, we know you have boobs. Big ones. You didn't need a hideous green spiderweb pointing at your cleavage to remind us that God did not make all boobs equal. Even the arrows on your dress are pointing at your boobs. WE GET IT, OK. To do cleavage right, see: Chrissy Tiegen, Jennifer Lopez.

Booooring. I just fell asleep looking at this dress. WARNING: This dress may induce epilepsy. It's not glamorous, it's not remotely sophisticated, and it really doesn't fit well. It's mostly just blah, and sorta swiss cheese-y. This is a big pile of MEH.

This is not even a matter of personal style, this is just ugly. I mean, it's no Nicole Kidman, but it's pretty freaking ugly. It's a bad Rorscarch Test mixed with a Chinese food takeout box. Also you can almost/sorta see her vagina. Did no one tell her that vaginas are not allowed at the Oscars? To do almost vagina, see: Chrissy Tiegen.

#Oscars2015: Heart of Darkness

As in I heart the darkness of all these gowns. The blacks, the blues, the deep shades of midnight. Heart, heart, heart. I am super underwhelmed by cate Blanchett. Like total womp-womp; this is a woman who usually shows up in breathtaking artistic pieces, and she showed up in black. 

A pleasant surprise was certainly Rita Ora who rose to the Oscar occasion, and I FINALLY adore Jessica Chastain. I adore Margot Robbie so so much and I think she looks incredible. It's a bit plain, yes, but at least it has more character than Cate's. Lorelai Linkalter. No.